Born to Run


When  I say there are dogs and cats a-plenty in Valpo, I am not at all exaggerating. In fact, I’m not sure I can accurately describe how many perros y gatos there are on any given street or in any given store or restaurant at any given time without sounding like I’m making it up. But it’s true. They are everywhere. And the best part is, many of them seem to be well-taken care of. By everyone. Home owners leave bowls of food and water out on the street. Store owners offer the little guys places to sleep on the floors of their shops. No one seems to mind if a mangy but lovable mutt or two follows them home.

As animal lovers and pet owners ourselves (Shout out to Sam!), it’s pretty wild to see how seemingly healthy and happy these dogs and cats are when permitted to do as they wish. Makes our habit of putting an animal on a leash seem downright controlling.

On the other hand, this isn’t Animal Farm. Humans rule this roost and a darker side does exist. Some of the less fortunate critters have been virtually abandoned and left to forage fly-ridden trash discarded on the street. And yes, there is a lot—and I mean A LOT—of poop.



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3 Responses to Born to Run

  1. Stacey says:

    Very cool pics! Of course I’m partial to the cute kitties and maybe to that seafood, but I’m looking forward to the remote areas as well. Be careful and keep on posting!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yes! The passed-out plant kitty is awesome. We experienced the same in Belize: Numerous perros y gatos, all very well adjusted, adequately fed and chilled-out. And way less neurotic than a lot of “owned” pets in the USA.

    Your blog is awesome! The oregano has taken off in its new warm environment!

  3. marivi says:

    I am so loving your posts!! It reads like I was talking to you in person. It’s awesome. take care of yourselves and keep on keeping on….posting that is. =) hugs!

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