Don't Let This Happen To You!

A few days back, after setting up our blog and uploading the first post, we received a few comments regarding the picture we posted of our backpacks.

“Looks a little bit overstuffed,” some said, while others wondered what exactly one brings on a seven month trip. The answer, in our case, turned out to be both more than we needed and more than could fit in our packs. How did this happen? We’re not quite sure but we do know that it is much warmer here than where we left, that books weigh a lot when you add them up together, and finally that an “extra carry-on for the plane” is not a good idea in our circumstance.

We had to leave a few things behind and wound up shipping the box you see above back to New York.

Darn you, Stuffmageddon!


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Alexis, Mark, 2 seasons, 1 continent, a very long mountain range.
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3 Responses to Stuffmageddon!

  1. sarala says:

    Great to hear from both of you!!! Sending “extra” stuff back from travels happens to all of us, some of us still have that problem :-(. But glad you are traveling lighter and having a wonderful time. Keep blogging, I love hearing from you.

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