Sniff. Ache. Shnizzle.

Me: Hazzishah!
Some random Chilean: Salud!

Alas. It seems I have fallen just slightly ill. Already. Excellent planning on my part, I must say. Yes, I’m taking some Vitamin C and drinking lots of fluids, but some things can’t be helped, I guess, after staying in dank place after dank place (Must. Stick. To. Budget!). Although the delish dinner Mark made in the communal kitchen just now (pasta w/pesto, yellow peppers, tomatoes, and beans. Mmm!) has definitely helped, I’m off to bed soon.

But first . . . a wee post!

One important thing to note: I added a “subscribe” button to the site on the right sidebar. Hopefully I did it correctly. Erm.

And . . . a few photo highlights from the last few days before I hand the blog over to Monsieur Muchacho Marco.

On the beach hike - Parque Nacionale ChiloeLots of flora and fauna on the isle of Chiloe. These beauties were spotted while on a hike to the beach.

On the beach hike, Parque Nacionale Chiloe

This frightens me more than it should.

And this. While I like that there’s a sign that directs me to the approved evacuation route in case of a tsunami . . . is said sign even necessary? I mean . . . it’s a tsunami. Scaaary.

Some churches on a quiet and peaceful stormy day.





Other than that, there’s a guy snoring like a freight train in the room next door. No, it’s not Mark, sillies. Thank goodness for the 800 pairs of earplugs I brought.

Lots of love to you all. Next stop: the wilds of Chile. Yippeeyiyay!



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4 Responses to Sniff. Ache. Shnizzle.

  1. sarala says:

    awwww, feel better Lex!! having a cold sucks the big one, specially on the road 😦

    I love frangipani (the flower you sent the pix of ) a hint of spring and summer. and don’t let sign’s frighten you, they are just paint after all.

    Try to sleep, stuff those earplugs in, and drink lots of agua!! hugs to you and Mark

  2. howie says:

    What troubles me is that the arrow on the sign seems to direct the fleeing stick-figure man to run into the wave. Something about that smacks of poor planning.

    Marisa & I both had colds in the past week, but kicked both swiftly! Surely you’ll do the same. The vitamin C down there is way vitaminier I hear. You’ll be back on top in a jiff. Maybe you should try eating some of those crazy flowers.

  3. mom wyman says:

    Sorry to read Lex that you are under the weather…………………….
    Try some liquid Vitamin D…………….it seems to be a cure-all for
    everything……………..the photos are so beautiful and the plant is
    Hope you’re back on the road soon — healthy and happy.
    I so look forward to your blogs — I miss you both and it helps
    to share in your travels.
    hugs and smiles,
    mom w.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I hope you feel better! Don’t worry, in Oregon, there are plenty of similar scary signs. The Pacific Rim is exciting!

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