Krazy Kuchen-taun!

Ahhh, Puerto Vaaaaahhhras que lindo! Puerto Varas is quite a beautiful, warm and uhhh, also quite German town. Much of Chile’s Lake District has a German heritage, particularily Prt. Varas, which has grown into a somewhat toney vacation spot over the last ten years. Lakefront Casino? Check. North Face outlet? Check. Good place to do laundry and wander around? Yes, indeed.

The town is certainly picturesque, situated on the shore of Lago Llanquihue in full few of Mount Osorno and a couple other big boys whose names escape the late hour blog post. Something about the coloured wooden homes, and particularly the layout of the neighborhood we are staying in remind both Lex and me of Portland, Oregon. Another PDX similarity owed indirectly to it’s German heritage? Several excellent varieties of microbrew.

We stopped in Puerto Varas to plot our next step. Earlier today said plotting initiated Stuffmageddon Part Two: Das Regret! Why did we come to the most amazing camping and trekking locale, with no camping or trekking gear? Between the relatively high cost of sheltered housing, and the amazing camping opportunities to be had we decided to pick up a new tent and some sleeping bags. Tomorrow we head for the Rio Cochamo valley and then later in the week into northern Patagonia. First stop, the small town of Cochamo where we’ll spend the night, then leave most of our things over the weekend during a trek out to a very cool looking backwoods refugio. (  It may be a little bit until the next post, but it shall be a fruitful one!

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10 Responses to Krazy Kuchen-taun!

  1. Erika says:

    Nice photos, Ari would be impressed. And is that a blue sky, it’s rainy and cold here in NY today. Glad to hear you guys made it safely there, we miss you!! FB and everything, you are really going viral. xx, E

  2. Jim says:

    Beware…. the nazis that are still hiding out there. Beware the boys of Brazil.

  3. sarala says:

    travel safely. i hear from other folks i know that the lake district is just plain awesome. you will get some great pix there. can’t wait for the next post. hugs

  4. sarala says:

    and i hope you sampled a few of the local brewski’s before you left town!!

  5. John Sayles says:

    Enjoying the posts, you two. Looks beautiful and especially love hearing about the food you’re encountering. Safe travels! And a “hello!” to the extended Wyman family.

  6. Herbert M Wyman MD says:

    Enjoyable blogs, spectacular pix! Hope you’re better, Lex. Nice cooking, Mark. Regards to John Sayles as well. Howie has a point re Tsunami sign: seems to be indicating “This Way to the Tsunami!” Did those Germans show up before or after WWII? Look forward to Patagonia blogs,

  7. Russell Wyman says:

    Wow Mark – great pictures. Hope you guys are having fun. Would have left a not earlier, but we just got back ourselves. Have a micro for me!

  8. John says:

    Oi Contractor. I am delighted to find this site chockfull of updates and spectacular photos already. I’m spreading the good word amongst our fellow energy efficiency mid level bureaucrat do-gooders so be prepared. The seafood extravaganza and talk of microbrews are of particular interest, but everything sounds amazing thus far. Hope you’re feeling better Lex and I’m keeping the lions away from Marvin over here so hakuna matata. Best, John.

  9. dana says:

    Looking good so far! Great pictures! You guys aren’t too far from Bariloche, will you be going there at all? I will be camping at the Frey hut March 18-26. Ask around for a redhead from nyc if you’re there that week!
    Have fun!

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