Mister, How Much For That Caballo?

The hike out to La Junta, deep in the Cochamo Valley, was a tough one for Team Burling y Wyman. Although we left the majority of our belongings behind at the lovely Hostal Maura in Cochamo, we managed to bring several bulky items including three books (2 hardcover), a few pounds of potatoes (??!!), and other items not entirely suitable for carrying on your back. Yes, indeed, this was Stuffmaggedon III: Las Papas! Other people had the bright idea to hire a pack-horse to carry their supplies uphill into valley. We just slogged our increasingly middle-aged bodies along, content to trod in the horses’ . . . well, you-know-what.

The hike, though muddy and long, was amazing. We trekked through ancient groves of Alcerce trees and deep, verdant rain forest. The only parallel I can make is to the Olympic Rain Forest in the U.S northwest. The trail ends at a clearing, surrounded by granite peaks pictured below. If we had more time, and perhaps a caballo or two, we thought it might be cool to head out to Argentina. It is possible to trek through the mountains, stopping to stay with settlers who live out there, off the land and off the grid. Alas, the money was low and there are no ATMs within 3 hours of Cochamo in any direction. With rain in the forecast, we trekked back to town and took a bus-ferry combo back around the far end of Reloncavi Fjord whereupon I nearly got separated from Lex while chatting with the sailors a bit too long after the ferry docked. We came to Puerto Montt with the hope of catching a longer distance, overnight ferry further down into Chilean Patagonia, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until Saturday for the next open seats. Until then, we’re headed back up to the Lake District for some camping in the mountains.

Next week we’re headed to Parque Pumalin and the wilds of Central Patagonia. We may give another try hiking into backcountry, and camping outside a settler’s home . . . this time with more preparation and less potatoes. Onwards, and southwards my friends….M

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2 Responses to Mister, How Much For That Caballo?

  1. mom wyman says:

    Pix are amazing — worthy of framing —
    Trails are so lush and green –
    Enjoy your boat trip on Sat.
    hugs, mom w.

  2. Robert Burling says:

    Guys –
    Is it possible that you have discovered the origin of the well-used phrase – “horses —?” In any case, you both are off to the adventure of a lifetime, or so it would seem. Please keep all of your thoughts and posts for a time in the future when all of this will become even more special – over and over again. Continue onward. We all are living vicariously through your eyes and words.

    Mom and Dad B.

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