Toallas son muy importantes!

So. A couple of important discoveries we’ve made over the last few days  . . .

1. Towels. They are very, very important. Why? Because it’s slightly embarrassing to have to ask the host of the campground to borrow their towel because you “forgot yours.” Using your bandana is no second-best option either. Also? Towels can also serve as a pillow when dry.

2. Bug spray and bug repellent. Also crucial. And unlike in the States, the kind with the most deet (evil, evil deet) often equals slightly more, although never complete, bug protection. Can’t wait for malaria.

3. Messes. We make a lot of them. Most often right when we get to our room (if staying in one), our packs spontaneously implode and explode at the same time. It’s a bit frightening to watch. Witness the photo in the slide show below.

4. Usually tourist boat rides are a rip. Here, they are as well. But these can often be fun, too. If in the right frame of mind.

5. Freeze-dried potatoes are awesome. Papas con queso . . . even better. Sure, there is MSG and all sorts of other preservatives in these delightfully-light-to-carry packets of goodness. But when you are starving and there’s nothing else around to eat save the potentially poisonous berries on the trees (these taste good, too), powdery taters do the trick.

6. We miss ground pads in our tent. A lot.

7. Laundry is muy caro in Chile. We’ve been trying to find a do-it-yourself ‘mat in order to save a few pesos, but have been foiled thus far. Hey, better foiled then soiled, I guess.

8. 100% cotton socks. Oh, wherefore art thou! My feet are sorely in need of your company (or else a fumigating service for the tent!).

9. Buses. There are a wide range of them. But lest I repeat myself a zillion times, it’s pretty impressive how far and wide these suckers travel. It seems that they really can take you wherever you want to go. Except maybe to the refugio. That would’ve helped us on our beloved 8-hour hike.

10. Patagonia has definitely lived up to our expectations and then some. Can’t wait to see more of it.

As always, miss y’all. Hope all is well stateside.

The Cat Lady (sigh.)

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