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Fare Thee Well, Sucre

It has been three weeks and a day since we arrived in Sucre, after two months on the road in Argentina and Chile. Today, our final day in Sucre, we offer an official Andes Not The Mint Post Of Appreciation … Continue reading

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Aji de Arvejas

It seems that our previous foodie post, the oh-so-delicioso Spanish Tortilla, was super popular with our Andes Not The Mint dot com fans. So! After a particularly tasty celebratory meal for Semana Santa (Holy Week) held at the Sucre Spanish … Continue reading

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The Most Valuable Items

It has been nine weeks since Lex and I vacated our apartment in Brooklyn, loaded up our backpacks, and departed for Santiago, Chile. Throughout the duration of our trip, we have encountered many different situations but throughout them all, there … Continue reading

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Las Papas De Bolivia

Tonight, the third night of Passover, seems like an appropriate time to display some of the produce found in the markets here in Sucre, Bolivia. Each year the Jewish people commemorate the deliverance of their ancestors from slavery in Egypt … Continue reading

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Chuquisaca Road Trip

As evidenced by the Tortilla De Papas, illustrated in Lex’s previous post, we spent the last week plus with our friends Jorge and Iratxe, wandering the Unesco World Heritage city of Sucre and the surrounding Departamento of Chuquisaca. We will … Continue reading

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You, Too, Can Whip Up A Spanish Tortilla

OurĀ  friends from Spain, Jorge and Iratxe, left for La Paz last night while we’re staying in Sucre for another two weeks to study at the Sucre Spanish School. In honor of them and their future travels, here’s a do-it-yourself … Continue reading

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Sucre, Sucre, Suuuuuuucre!

Ah, Bolivia. Although we’ve only been here a few days, I can already tell that Bolivia is light years different than both Argentina and Chile. The pace is slower. The people seem to be gentler. The pizza dough is homemade. … Continue reading

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So, Two Llamas Walk Into A Bar…

We got the sense that our last post left a Dukes Of Hazard-like cliffhanger in the thin, altiplano air. Freeze to an image of llamas galloping, and as El Jefe Puerco y Roscito give chase, the narrator asks, “Looks like … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Well, folks. It looks like Mark and I have found what we like to call “our home.” Sure, it’s wishful thinking. Yes, it’s already owned by someone else. But a girl can dream, right?

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Torrontes: You Should Have Some

The picture up top is from the Jose L. Mounier Estate, up in the hills outside Cafayate. The Mounier brothers run a small artisanal winery, producing a small amount of Malbec blends and Torrontes, pretty much all by hand.

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