Kind Of Like The FDR Drive, But Different

Please for you to enjoy my pictographs from the road. Lex covered the journey in her post; it was grand. We traveled in a big loop, the first two days over insanely bumpy, hilly, and windy dirt roads. If you are an employee of Europcar Salta, I did not accidentally run over a boulder while trying to steer through a river which was flooding the road, up against a canyon, about 3 hours out of town. That wasn’t me.

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Also, for you to enjoy—The You Tube!


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Alexis, Mark, 2 seasons, 1 continent, a very long mountain range.
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2 Responses to Kind Of Like The FDR Drive, But Different

  1. Fantastic. I loved the u-tube, video or whatever one calls it. I could really feel the splendor of what you were seeing.
    Take more please…………

  2. Nicole says:

    great to hear your voices and see that beauty. More more more. xoxo

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