More Salty Pictures

Here are a bit more high country pictographs from our trip to Uyuni. For a full recap of the trip, see Lex’s post. As she relates, the Laguna Colorada was a highlight of both our altiplano tour and the entire South American journey. The color of the lagoon looks different from shot to shot as, in person, it changes appearance from moment to moment as the wind kicks up mineral deposits and the sun shifts position. Regrettably, I did not notice a piece of lint on my lenses, so I may be hitting up one of you for some photoshop help whence we return home.

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Currently we are in La Paz, about to head out to a highly recommended vegetarian restaurant for my birthday. Earlier today, I picked up a strap and tuner for my charango, along with some playing tips from the folks at the music shop. In case you were wondering, both the shopkeep and a guy visiting the store immediately recognized the work of our friend Delin Sandagorga. And because today is my birthday, I received an instructional charango booklet for free! Everybody in Sucre gave us the impression that La Paz is a cold, unfriendly city. Although we’ve only been here a day, we can safely say this is not at all true.

La Paz is a wonderful and vibrant city. We are having a fine time here, enjoying what can best be described as the New York City of Bolivia. As a result, we have decided to extend our stay into next week. After La Paz we will head to the Yungas, eventually arriving in the Amazonian basin where we will tour the Madidi National Park. We have our sights on a few different missions, particularly related to agricultural cooperatives located throughout the lush, mountainous countryside north and east of La Paz. More we shall not say, you’ll just have to tune in over the next couple weeks!


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5 Responses to More Salty Pictures

  1. sarala says:

    Oh, and Happy Birthday wishes to you Mark!!! What a way to start this year, all our love to you…

  2. mom wyman says:

    ……I know from my friend Anthony that you will
    have so much to see and enjoy in La Paz
    And I’m so happy that something “special” happened on
    your birthday.
    Lex, great photos — did not notice any lint…..feel good..
    love, mom w.

  3. Steve says:

    Happy birthday from Steve and Juny. Hope you enjoyed your birthday meal.

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