Rollin’ On The River

For three years, Mark and I have been talking about going kayaking. Today, we finally took the plunge. We’ve enjoyed Guatape so much on the ground, it seemed fitting that we explore the water as well. Not much to elaborate on aside from the fact that, like everything else we’ve done here, we had a truly memorable time.

And no, I didn’t fall in. Apparently, I’m just a wee bit better at kayaking than I am at horseback riding.

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Alexis, Mark, 2 seasons, 1 continent, a very long mountain range.
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5 Responses to Rollin’ On The River

  1. ariburling says:

    was everyone facing the right way?

  2. ariburling says:

    Oh man I miss kayaking. I am so jealous. Lex, you look adorable. Sasha is so excited to meet you soon. xo, Mama E

  3. howie says:


  4. mom wyman says:

    Nice to see you guys having such a great time!
    love mom w

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mark & Lex
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with all of us back here in the city.Your stories have been inspiring and really helped to pass the time during my subway commute.
    I could tell you the story of how a rat crawled up a sleeping homeless guys pants recently but it would pale in comparison to what you see each day.

    Rachel says hello, and we look forward to seeing you when you get back to NY.


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