No Captain Ahab here!

As a wee piggyback to Mark’s post, I thought I’d offer up just a few more photos for the perusing. Ah, the sea. Sigh.

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Alexis, Mark, 2 seasons, 1 continent, a very long mountain range.
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3 Responses to No Captain Ahab here!

  1. Robert Burling says:

    How come Mark coming out of the water looks like the uni-bomber who’s in a witness protection program located somewhere in the Caribbean…???

  2. mom wyman says:

    In viewing your excellent photos — it just reinforces Mark’s comments
    on how amazingly beautiful these Islands are;
    Together, you make the “perfect blog”!!!

    love mom w.

  3. Lee says:

    Beautiful pics. Oh, the places you have been and things you have seen and done will give you pleasurable memories that will last you a lifetime. How lucky are you too and that you are still talking to each other?
    Safe passage, Lee

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