Andes Not The Mint Travel Awards

Well folks, we have arrived at the end of the proverbial road. Ten days from today, we board a plane from Costa Rica back to New York City. This week, we are enjoying the benefit of “low season” special rates, treating ourselves to a private lakefront cabin on the shores of Lago Nicaragua, just outside the small town of Merida, on Ometepe Island. It is the perfect location to mull over this most important of tasks, the official Andes Not The Mint Travel Awards. It has been quite a journey, with plenty of memorable experiences. While I’m not that much of a list-keeper or ranker-of-experience, I can tell you that Lex has been waiting for this with great anticipation since the inception of our journey. To all the index-makers, spreadsheet-hoarders, statistical obsessives, comparative rank-o-filers, and other list-keeping freaks of the world—let this be your day of rejoice!

Today, we submit our preliminary list of categories for your review. If there is something you’d like to see that isn’t mentioned below, give us your suggestion in the comment section. We’re trying to keep it positive here, leaning toward the “best of” rather than “worst of,” with a few humorous exceptions not  withstanding. You won’t see anything that seems to be, by design, exclusionary.  You know . . . things like “Best New Friend We Made” or “Most Enjoyable Time Hanging Out” or “Most Superior Race of People.” We don’t do that sort of thing here—we love everybody equally!. Anyhoo, now that I’m done listing my disclaimers, let’s get on with the awards! Oh, one more disclaimer—some of these may not make sense now, but we shall explain them in due time.


Best & Worst Overall Lodging Experience

Best Room with a View

Most Comfortable Bed

Best Shower

The Dankest Dank

Favorite Place to Cook

Most Sewagey Smell

Worst Back-Douche

Best Breakfast

Purest “Momming”


Best & Worst Meal

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Bread

Best Regional Beer, Wine, or Spirit

Best Street Food

Favorite New Fruit

Surprise! Surprise!

Best Pizza

Most Abstract Pizza Experience

Best Hot Sauce

“Typical” Dish We Are Most Likely To Cook For You


Best & Worst Bus Ride

Best & Worst Long-Haul

Lowest Bus-Related Moment

Time I Was Most Convinced the Bus Would Never Arrive

Best Bus Snack

La Naturaleza

Best Forest

Top Body of Water

Coolest Bird

Coolest Mammal

Best Light

Best Smell

Best & Worst Climate

Personality Disorders: (Physical & Mental)

Most Sensitive Issue

Best Invented Phrase

Best Invented Song On Our Trip

Most Memorable Skin Condition

Object We Missed Most From Home


Favorite City

Favorite Town/Village

City That Deserves More Credit

Most Interesting Guided-Visit

Most Heavily Misguided Visit


Best & Worst Purchase

Best & Worst Mercado

Best Book Exchange


About andesnotthemint

Alexis, Mark, 2 seasons, 1 continent, a very long mountain range.
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2 Responses to Andes Not The Mint Travel Awards

  1. Robert Burling says:

    After this fabulous literary adventure at this end, far be it from us to suggest anything……. Perhaps a list of best CAT sitters would be in order……………

  2. Dad W says:

    Agree with Bob, it’s up to the creative bloggers not the enchanged bloggees to make these decisions. But amongst my favorites: for beauty: Patagonia; for fun: Beisbol; for info: coffee and cigars. And for the writing and the photos: impossible to choose, all great!
    Dad W

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