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No Captain Ahab here!

As a wee piggyback to Mark’s post, I thought I’d offer up just a few more photos for the perusing. Ah, the sea. Sigh. Advertisements

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More Than A Feeling: Sailing The San Blas Karaoke Fantasy Land

You might think that after six months traveling through South America, our ability to be amazed by our surroundings would have diminished. You might think that, but you would be wrong. Our time sailing through the San Blas Islands, crossing … Continue reading

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Standing At The Gates Of South America

Tonight is our last night on South American soil. Tomorrow morning we shall board the “Santana,” a 50-foot catamaran skippered by a German guy named Gisbert with whom we will sail for five days. The first two days will be … Continue reading

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Andes Not The Mint, Not The Andes?

Well folks, it had to happen. The Andes, like our journey itself, can only go on for so long. Yesterday afternoon we touched down in Cartagena, an ancient city by the sea in northern Colombia. Gone are the cool mountain … Continue reading

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Rollin’ On The River

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Of Chivas And Men

Chiva, translated literally, means goat. Throughout latin america, chiva has a popular usage suggesting something more like a “beater.” The old car that keeps chugging along, however  weathered and dilapidated it may be. Like it’s English-language equivalent, to call something … Continue reading

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