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Wax On, Wax Off

Unfortunately, there just isn’t any other way to name a post covering our journey to the Valle De Cocora National Park, home of the Wax Palm. The Palma De Cera is the world’s tallest palm, growing to heights as tall … Continue reading

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How ‘Bout We Stay A While?

Lex and I started Andes Not The Mint with the goal of sharing our experience on the road in South America. As we’ve detailed over the months, we’ve encountered some great times, wonderful places and amazing people. However, the thing … Continue reading

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Strange Fruit

As Mark mentioned in his previous post, whilst still in Ecuador, we bought a plane ticket for the wrong day while planning our initial days in Colombia. In a perfect world where all places visited are equal, this little snafu … Continue reading

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Moonshine, Tall Climb

Ibarra is a city in the northern high country of Ecuador, situated in a valley flanked with dramatic hills and volcanic mountains. Although just 45 minutes north of Otavalo, it feels far off the beaten track of Ecuador’s tourist circuit. … Continue reading

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Mixed Bag In The Intag?

Alirio Ramirez seemed liked a nice guy, but was a little hard to get a read on. After a quick hello, we jumped into his pick-up truck to make the journey to Junin. His disposition struck me as a bit … Continue reading

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Ridin´The Intag Express

Last we left off, Lex and I were infirmed for three days in Otavalo, largely confined to a small room with pots of ginger tea, freshly squeezed mandarin juice, a new (to us) fruit called pepinos, and multiple episodes of … Continue reading

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A Note About Markets . . .

For those of you who have been following our posts, by now you’re well-aware of one thing (as this might be the fifth time I’ve mentioned it): Mark and I are big fans of markets. We love to take our … Continue reading

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Giddyup, Partner!

A word about horseback-riding. It’s not as easy as it looks. At least not in Ecuador. When Ang and Jared, a pretty amazing Australian couple we met at the hostel we stayed at in Chugchilan, told us about their equine … Continue reading

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Nice Day For A Walk

Such was our line of thinking when we set off from our hostal in the tranquil little town of Chugchilan for the grand vistas to be witnessed at Laguna Quilotoa. Equador is essentially a cloudy nation, so you have to … Continue reading

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A Man. A Plan. A Hat. Ecuador?

Panama hats . . . who knew those rather stately head coverings weren’t from Panama? Well, maybe some of you smart alecs did, but we were woefully unaware—until we visited Cuenca’s Homero Ortega & Hijos factory and museum, that is. … Continue reading

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