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ANTM Travel Awards: Culinary

Here it is folks, the ANTM Food & Drink awards. For those of you who don’t already know, we are vegetarians who also eat fish occasionally. So, it needs to be said that our dietary choice excludes at least 80% … Continue reading

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Matagalpa. It didn’t rain on OUR parade . . .

There’s something special that transpires when you look forward to an experience with great anticipation and excitement for a long period of time. You have no conception of exactly how you’ll feel when (and if) it finally comes to pass, … Continue reading

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A Stogey For Your Thoughts

When I was a kid growing up in North Carolina, my parents took my brothers and me on a tour of the R.J. Reynolds cigarette factory in Winston-Salem. While I don’t remember much of the experience aside from the fact … Continue reading

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Of Chivas And Men

Chiva, translated literally, means goat. Throughout latin america, chiva has a popular usage suggesting something more like a “beater.” The old car that keeps chugging along, however  weathered and dilapidated it may be. Like it’s English-language equivalent, to call something … Continue reading

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Moonshine, Tall Climb

Ibarra is a city in the northern high country of Ecuador, situated in a valley flanked with dramatic hills and volcanic mountains. Although just 45 minutes north of Otavalo, it feels far off the beaten track of Ecuador’s tourist circuit. … Continue reading

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Ridin´The Intag Express

Last we left off, Lex and I were infirmed for three days in Otavalo, largely confined to a small room with pots of ginger tea, freshly squeezed mandarin juice, a new (to us) fruit called pepinos, and multiple episodes of … Continue reading

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Kitschy Dining (Choo-Choo!)

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Two Days, Three Nations

Chile is a pretty long nation. It’s about as long as the US is wide. Long enough that cutting due west from La Paz, we landed in the northernmost outpost of Arica, located on the Chilean side of the Atacama … Continue reading

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La La La Paz

Returning to the bustling, diesel-fumed city of La Paz after being first in the Yungas and then in the jungle is a bit of a shock to the system. There are people rushing about every which way. The traffic is … Continue reading

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The Long, Winding Road To Wonkaville

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