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A Stogey For Your Thoughts

When I was a kid growing up in North Carolina, my parents took my brothers and me on a tour of the R.J. Reynolds cigarette factory in Winston-Salem. While I don’t remember much of the experience aside from the fact … Continue reading

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Esteli: A Small Town. Much To Offer.

What’s great about a long trip is that wrong turns don’t throw off your experience or dampen your spirit like they might on shorter vacation-style adventures. In fact, quite the opposite happens. The more busses that break down, showers you … Continue reading

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No Captain Ahab here!

As a wee piggyback to Mark’s post, I thought I’d offer up just a few more photos for the perusing. Ah, the sea. Sigh.

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Rollin’ On The River

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Simple Beauty

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The Whole Whale

City life has found us once again, albeit for a brief interlude before heading back to the countryside. For the last day-and-a-half, Mark and I have spent a good amount of time exploring Medellin, a city we were prepared to … Continue reading

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An Artsy-Fartsy Evening

If it seems as though Mark and I keep saying the same thing about Salento (“We love it here!” “It’s so peaceful and rejuvenating!” The people are so warm and friendly!”), it’s because it’s true. We’ve been here just about … Continue reading

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Strange Fruit

As Mark mentioned in his previous post, whilst still in Ecuador, we bought a plane ticket for the wrong day while planning our initial days in Colombia. In a perfect world where all places visited are equal, this little snafu … Continue reading

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A Note About Markets . . .

For those of you who have been following our posts, by now you’re well-aware of one thing (as this might be the fifth time I’ve mentioned it): Mark and I are big fans of markets. We love to take our … Continue reading

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