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Curtain Call

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Matagalpa. It didn’t rain on OUR parade . . .

There’s something special that transpires when you look forward to an experience with great anticipation and excitement for a long period of time. You have no conception of exactly how you’ll feel when (and if) it finally comes to pass, … Continue reading

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Beisbol, Nica-Style!

It is no great secret that I am keen to hate on overly commercialized experiences of all stripes. What little TV I watch generally consists of documentaries on public television. I cannot step into a shopping mall without launching into … Continue reading

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Esteli: A Small Town. Much To Offer.

What’s great about a long trip is that wrong turns don’t throw off your experience or dampen your spirit like they might on shorter vacation-style adventures. In fact, quite the opposite happens. The more busses that break down, showers you … Continue reading

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I Went To Leon And All I Got Was This Lousy Self-Realization

Travel is full of teachable moments, whether you want it to be or not.  American popular culture is saturated with tales of transformation in which Joe or Jane Stressful travel to an exotic destination and learn x,y, or z about … Continue reading

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