Yummers, Chile.

After a month in Chile, we’re headed to Argentina tomorrow. But before we go, a few culinary discoveries of note:

Manjar (pronounced man’-har)
Imagine a gooey substance that tastes like a cross between caramel and dulce de leche with the consistency of Nutella and the addiction quotient of crack. This would be Manjar, a specialty item (well, to me) sold in most supermarkets. Spread it on bread, crackers, apples, you name it. Or, if you’re me, just take a spoon and dive right in.

Chilean Box Wine

Unlike in the States, box wine in Chile is pretty darn satisfying. I’m no sommelier, but I’d venture to say it’s far better than most box wines I’ve had, plus, here in Chile, it’s actually the preferred choice over wine in the bottle. The best part? No tannin-induced face rash. Nice!

Chilean Cerveza
In Mark’s words, this microbrew-ish find has a “hoppy, dry taste and is a nice bottle-conditioned specimen of beer.”

No photo, but the Chilean National Queso is a scrumptious blend of havarti and meunster, sometimes with bits of merken (hot pepper) or basil. We eat it smooshed in-between our pan (bread) every morning. We will miss you fair national cheese.


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5 Responses to Yummers, Chile.

  1. Erika says:

    I want some manjar, you make it sound so tempting. xx, E

  2. Sounds good, and Dad just ran to get his Nutella.

  3. howie says:

    Say what you will about nutritional content. When it comes to the Colun, its products are important.

  4. vasilly says:

    love the food descriptions. I was briefly photographing all the ham i ate in spain, but then I realized its more fun to just eat it.

    anyway… really enjoy reading the blog.

  5. Sharon Griffith says:

    I hope you have an extra suitcase to bring a sampling of treats back. Or maybe mailing them might be easier. We can start a mail order slush fund here. 🙂

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