Home Sweet Home

Well, folks. It looks like Mark and I have found what we like to call “our home.” Sure, it’s wishful thinking. Yes, it’s already owned by someone else. But a girl can dream, right?

Upon returning from our intrepid trip down south, we made the excellent choice to stay in San Lorenzo, a cozy enclave just outside of Salta. After driving around for a bit, we stumbled upon the downright beautiful “Hostal” Tatata. I use quotes here because this lovely home (estate?) is pretty much the furthest thing you can imagine from what we’ve been staying in for almost two months. It’s clear the owners put great care into keeping up the place and making it cozy (yes, the word is called for twice), comfortable, and a wee bit magical. The best part about it? We had the place to ourselves plus full use of the kitchen. Score!

The great Amer… er… Argentine novel could be written here. I’m just sayin’.

As for San Lorenzo itself, it’s pretty beautiful as well, albeit infused with wealth. Lots of manored estates surrounded by lush mountains. We went on the perfect hike yesterday, followed by a delicious homemade veggie pilaf and some of that delicious Torrontes.

We’ve so enjoyed our time here that we’re finding it nearly impossible to leave. Must we? Sigh.

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5 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Stacey says:

    Looks beautiful, but I’m not convinced that you are ever leaving considering that you already changed your “lives in” on facebook! Goodbye New York!

  2. Just was treated to a wonderful vacation/experience without even leaving the studio. I received 5 blogs just now. So I really feel that I was on the trip. Your experience continues to sound wonderful. Other then the fact that we miss you, I am so glad that you are both doing this.
    (she’s back)

  3. mom wyman says:

    I agree with Pat……………………….your botanical photos
    are so amazing and the inn is so beautiful….that porch
    says it all…..
    love mom w.

  4. herbert m wyman md says:

    Amazing flowers! Dad W

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