Finally a place to “chill down from the hectic activities of the Northern Hemisphere.”

Yes, “chilling down” (quote taken from a brochure of the Cochamo region) has certainly taken a bit, but we certainly found the mother load (one word? two? spelling? erm.) in the Northern Patagonia region.Wow. It certainly is beautiful here. Lots of mountains, lush foliage, random dogs and cats (still!), dusty little towns, fresh seafood, and plenty of time to think. A few photos for you in the slide show below (note the shifty two-sticked character who appears in some of the photos).

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As a little aside, I’ve been noticing how much time it has taken me to shed the ol’ New York multi-tasking, “always on the go” mentality and how different it feels to not plan, not rush through a meal and get the check immediately, not jump from one activity to the next . . . one town to the next, etc. More specifically, it feels pretty spectacular and a welcome change for the psyche.

In other news, I´m feeling MUCH better. Thanks for all the love. Maybe it was the crazy strenuous 8-hour hike we went on while I assiduously went through 6 packets of starchy tissues. Maybe it was the two nights we spent sleeping under the stars. Or maybe it was the fairly lethal combination of Chilean cold medicine and the effervescent stench of horse poop that knocked my cold two ways from Sunday, but I´m on the mend and feelin´fine.

A few favorites from the last few days? Drinking water from the streams (No, Mom. No puking this time!). The comfy beds in the hostal in Cochamo. The little town of Cochamo itself (has to be one of the most peaceful places on the planet). The hefty wine pours all over Chile. The fact that the rain bag gear thing we bought at Campor to keep our backpacks dry actually kept our bags dry in the downpour this morning. Talking to fellow travelers . . . It´s been pretty inspiring to meet folks of all ages and nationalities who are traveling and on their own journeys for however short or long. Sharing kitchens with various local moms has been pretty eye-opening too.

Anyhoo,  miss you all.



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2 Responses to Finally a place to “chill down from the hectic activities of the Northern Hemisphere.”

  1. Stacey says:

    Beautiful scenery!

  2. sarala says:

    glad you are feeling better mark, [and you too lex!] love the orange tent :-). keep the blogs going i am enjoying them immensly

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